The Berlin-based non-profit association Critique&Culture is a dynamic network of critical-reflexive artists, critics, and cultural producers, coming primarily from Eastern Europe. Through its activities, Critique&Culture aims to contribute to the strengthening of critical positions in the widest possible sense.

Critique&Culture wants to help lend greater visibility to the cultural potential offered by expats living in Berlin, but hailing from those countries where democratic processes are being undermined by democratic instruments. It is this potential that can be deployed as an early-warning system when the long European tradition of cultural freedom is jeopardized.

Critique&Culture was founded in November 2016 by Alexandra Bayer (online communication expert), Kata Krasznahorkai (researcher, curator), Enikő Márton (artist, art therapy), Timea Oravecz (artist), Sarolta Pazár (film critic), Kati Simon (curator, project manager), Zsolt Vásárhelyi (artist).

Members of Critique&Culture, 2016
Kati Simon_Kata Krasznahorkai_Zsolt Vásárhelyi_working at the airport on Critique&Culture
The team of Critique&Culture working on the OFF-Biennale Budapest contribution at Schönefeld Airport, 2017